Chabad Center of Brookline has been serving the Jewish Community since 2001. Its mission is to create a community for the large number of Jewish young adults and young families in the Brookline area.


The Chabad Center’s goal is to strengthen Jewish identity, create a strong social network and involve young adult Jews in Jewish life. It strives to assure Jewish continuity among a group that is often isolated by other Jewish institutions and to connect the many young adults that are new to the Boston area into the larger Jewish community.


The Chabad Center of Brookline is organized under 501c3 as a nonprofit, charitable organization. Chabad Center’s efforts depend on support by private individuals, charitable funds and grants.


Many of the Boston area young Jews are newcomers who come for graduate, post graduate studies or residencies and other learning experiences. These young Jews often remain for a few years and begin their families in this area. Being far from family and having no past ties to the local community make it hard for these individuals to find a place in Boston ’s existing Jewish community. Some of these individuals don’t recognize the need of being a part of a Jewish community. These young adults, (generally between the ages of 25-35) come to the Boston area at the threshold of their adult lives. The time spent here is usually the crucial years in which they begin their careers, families and lifestyle. During these years, a connection with a Jewish institution can affect the lives of these young adults and the next generation of Jewish leaders.

In addition, Chabad Center recognizes that there is an additional group of Brookline ’s Jewish population that tends to be isolated. Brookline houses a large temporary Israeli community that comes to the Boston area to further their education or experience so that they can then greater contribute to the Israeli society and economy. Chabad of Brookline has been working to provide the Israeli Community of Brookline a place and a sense of belonging to the Brookline Jewish Community. Unfortunately, many Israelis do not participate in the city’s Jewish institutions and community events. Many Israeli families do not belong to any synagogue; the children receive little or no Jewish education. Many find themselves with no one to help their child to receive a bar or bat mitzvah and no one to welcome them to services.

Activities / Programs

Chabad Center organizes social, religious and educational programs that are specifically designed to attract this crucial age group. It helps these young adults and families
establish their future as part of a Jewish community.

Chabad has also created a special set of programs to reach out to the Israeli families. Chabad provides holiday programs, bar mitzvah classes and Hebrew classes for the
Israeli community. In addition, Chabad Center has become the institution they turn to for their religious and other needs while in the Boston area.

Of course, Chabad Center ’s doors are open the entire Jewish community. Chabad’s classes, services and desire to help its fellow Jew is something many of Brookline’s
Jewish residents can enjoy.